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Walk a new path and take charge of your life and emotions with Women Empowerment Coaching by Sabine Coaching. Coaching for Life is an adventure and not a struggle. As an empowerment coach, Sabine works with women who want to raise their awareness levels and together they walk the path of remembering, speaking the truth and forgiveness to shift to higher grounds. 


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The new professional Website created by innoMEDIA positions Sabine Görtz as a professional life coach for women empowerment. The website captures the essence of her business and the message she would like to deliver. Multiple testimonials of her clients demonstrate her exceptional coaching skills. 

Sabine Görtz
Empowerment Coach

Thank you, Anke, for making this magic happen for me! Anke is an innovative bilingual Web Designer who is up-to-date with all new methods; her thinking is creative and she presented many unique options to me. I needed help with building a website, logo and business cards and was concerned about choosing my business name. Anke rocked at making everything happen and the results are eye -catching! What I found was that I trusted her expertise, preciseness & sharp mind and she worked until every detail was perfect. I highly recommend Anke to anyone that needs help with building or refreshing their web designs.

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