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With innoMEDIA, I have been crafting WordPress websites for clients since 2015. Highly professional and effective level of service should be available to everyone – from small businesses to individual entrepreneurs.

Additionally, I am committed to transparency and communication. I like to keep my clients informed at every step of the way.

I truly believe in my work, simply because I love what I do.

Anke Sabo, B.CSc.

Principal / Owner

I’m a digital warrior, creative designer, blogger, social media lover, acrylic painting artist and a German teacher. (Ask me anything about German cars…)

When I started to study Computer Science in Germany, everyone heard about this geek who invented the MacIntosh, a mouse and the first interface. I was literally there at the beginning of it all and it was an exciting time. I still learned Machine Code, programming BASIC and FORTRAN and the first people started to use “C”. Entering the work force, I worked as a Software Engineer for many years before moving to Canada.

A few years ago I started the Web Design Studies at BCIT in Vancouver. It came easy to me, if you know one programming language you can adapt pretty quickly to a new one. My curiosity about technology led me to create innoMEDIA in 2016. My company is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses optimize their online marketing through web design, branding and social media.

For many years, I was also teaching where I acquired many transferable skills which I am able to use now with my own business. Managing and organizing are my second nature. Everyone who knows me, realizes I get stuff done. I work hard until the result is exactly what I had in mind. Greatest pleasure gives me the creativity behind every project. Being an abstract painter in my spare time for many years now surely helped working with color, hue, layout and negative space.

My passion is teaching clients how to use technology to grow their business, tell their story and support them in finding their visual online identity. I’m a big believer in the power of branding and proven systems behind their site in order to capture and convert leads.

My specialties include web design, public speaking, creating presentations and branding. I can also change the tire on a car, install light fixtures, paint a room, am very good at cooking and can knit you a pair of socks or a sweater. I’m was also a German Language Diploma teacher at the Surrey German Language School for 12 years passing on German traditions to my students and empower them with the knowledge of another language (looks great on resumes). I can remember tiny little details from long ago but my biggest passion is remembering numbers. Some say I have an elephants’ memory, so don’t mess with me.

Thank you for trusting me with your brand. Let’s make your visual identity in the web stand out!

Sherrie Lofthouse
XEVA Mortgage Broker


Thank you, Anke Sabo, for creating my website! You have gone above and beyond my expectations! You were so helpful and knowledgeable. Made this whole process so much easier for me! You're the best!

Rolf Sabo
Plastic Polymer Engineer


innoMedia was easy to work with regarding their responsiveness, working quickly, and hitting deadlines. I appreciated how professionally and knowledgeable this website project was handled. Anke is very creative and has the ability to provide a wide range of services that can be customized for a small business.

Vanessa Welsh
Professional Dance Instructor


I have been looking for a web-designer for a long time! Anke was more than a thousand times better than everyone else I have worked with so far. Super reliable, quick, professional and with fair pricing that a small business can afford. She will give you peace of mind and support you throughout the process of working on your website. I recommend her 100%!!!

Kim Pellerin
Intuitive Life Consultant

Working with innoMEDIA has taken my business to a new level! My website represents myself and company like never before, it is beautiful and very user friendly. Business has grown monthly since launching. Anke's attention to design detail and knowledge of the 'behind the scene' technical side of website design brought this to fruition. Working with innoMEDIA and Anke was a pleasure and the best decision for my business.

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